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Deleting directories and other shenanigans

I seriously cannot believe how finnicky deleting a directory in .NET can be – seriously, I always end up getting an annoying “Directory is not empty” error every time I want to delete something. I swear to god, sometimes I just want to punch my computer in the monitor. I’ve been trying to use both IO.Directory.Delete and My.Computer.Filesystem.Delete, and they’re both just as annoying. After a couple of hours trying to get stuff to work, I think I finally got a “stable” deleting system – we’ll see how it goes on from there.

Apart from that, everything’s been going pretty well for the past weeks. I’ve recently discovered that my old code is a giant pile of nonsense, so I’ve been hard at work rewriting alot of it, and it seems to be going very well. I hope to be able to finish and publish MCBackup by the end of this month, but I can’t really promise anything.

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