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Have something you need to keep an eye on? Keep it on top of every other window using AlwaysOnTop!

Keep any window on top with AlwaysOnTop!

Inspired by the now abandonned DeskPins and TurboTop programs, AlwaysOnTop allows you to “pin” any application on your desktop so it will always stay on top of every other window. There are many other applications out there () that do the same thing; however, they either have cluttered interfaces and/or too many options, or just plain don’t work. AlwaysOnTop is the simplest solution: right-click the icon in the taskbar, and click on the program you want to keep on top:


AlwaysOnTop is a tiny download (0.5 MiB), installs in a few seconds, and takes up close to no resources! It is the simplest way to keep an eye on anything (as long as it’s in a window, of course) by keeping it in the foreground of your workspace. Once installed, it will automatically start when your computer does, and you will therefore be only a click away from pinning any window. AlwaysOnTop will run on any version of Windows subsequent to Windows XP.


Click the button below to download the installer for AlwaysOnTop. Previous versions can be found here.

AlwaysOnTop v1.0.0