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Current Version:

Compatibility checked with Minecraft 1.6 – 1.8.8

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Previous versions

Scared that the program will compromise the security of your PC? Here’s a VirusTotal scan and a Jotti virus scan for you.

Still hesitant to download? You can always download MCBackup 3 from C|NET’s Download.com, Softpedia, or Softonic (these are not always as up-to-date, since their approval process can take a few days).

If you do not have administrator privileges on the target computer or you want to install MCBackup on a USB stick, consider downloading the Portable edition!

Note: You must have the .NET Framework version 4.0 or subsequent version installed on the target computer.

Update Guide

Using the installer: Simply run the updated installer. Backups will not be affected.

Using the portable version: Overwrite all old files with the new files from the updated archive.

Source Code

Last pushed commit:

MCBackup 3 on GitHub

Beta Builds


Latest Build Number:

Download Latest Beta Build

MCBackup 3 on Jenkins

WARNING: Beta builds are provided ‘as is’ and are subject to containing bugs that may crash the program and/or corrupt backups, although this is very rare. You have been warned.

Known Issues/Bugs

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