MCBackup v3.7.2.0 Released!

MCBackup version is now live! Many bugs present in have been fixed in this release. Changes include:

  • Added option to disable delete confirmation
  • Fixed incorrect version reporting (update loop)
  • Fixed external drive/remote server backups folder issue
  • Fixed backups folder not found on first start
  • Fixed saves folder not being set on first run
  • Fixed black border bug in the Cull Dialog

Download See full changelog

An update on MCBackup

Hey guys,

Just bringing a quick update on what is happening with MCBackup version Development is going well and I hope to post a Release Candidate-type version by the end of August. For those of you who are interested, here are the current main changes included in version

  • Long-awaited support for alternate launchers, i.e. the Technic Launcher, the Feed the Beast launcher and the ATLauncher;
  • A new cancel button (cancel backup/restore/delete);
  • A “Move to Group” option;
  • Too many bug fixes to list here.

For those of you interested in getting a beta version, you can head on over to the Jenkins server.